The Medium Majesty is also very useful for when you need more HP. You will need an entirely different grid for this strategy and will want to use a Bahamut or Celeste Omega support summon. Big Glory is basically an upgraded version of Big Sentence that also boosts Chain Burst Specs; it provides 12.5% CA DMG, 6.8% CA Cap Up, 14.5% Chain Burst DMG, and 6.8% Chain Burst Cap Up at Slvl 15; respectively it gives 27.5%, 14.96%, 31.9% and 14.96% with single Hades and 42.5%, 23.12%, 49.3%, and 23.12% with double Hades. Seraphic Weapons should pretty much always be used when fighting with Elemental Advantage. The Charge Attack is essentially the Clarity skill, as it removes a debuff from all parties. The Omega Sentence CA DMG bonus caps at 100% and the CA Cap Up bonus caps at 30%. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Medium Normal Majesty (ATK/HP)Excelsior (CA Cap Up). The Trium skill has low value compared to an additional attack modifier as Dark setups commonly include characters and summons that provide guaranteed multiattacks. Colossus Omega or Agni) paired with an Elemental (e.g. It is not recommended to use this grid without having at least the Stamina Dark Opus. This guide has always been a fantastic resource for me. Dark is the other grid that often does this, using enmity magna opus. For Wind and Dark, if you are using Tiamat Gauntlet Omega or Celeste Zaghnal Omega, it is that same as for Fire and Water, the Dark Opus Weapons have higher base attack and offer the same ATK skill so they are automatic replacements. Each element has an Omega/Magna and Primal version. Players can swap between three different parties during battle. Parazonium (Grand Weapon, Orchid’s) provides Massive Normal ATK and Small Normal Trium. The Opus collection by Lithos Design represents a real chromatic explosion. Abyss Gaze are generally inferior to Celeste Claw Omega due to Dark’s overall synergy with Enmity, but offer a decent non-enmity option when paired with Stamina weapons such as the Dark Opus and Fediel’s Spine (and Zechariah). The standard summon pairing is Celeste Omega and Bahamut, but double Celeste Omega can be considered if you have consistent Elemental Attack buffs. EX Weapons (Hollowsky, Proving Grounds, Xenos), an Ultima Weapon, additional Omega Weapons (Claws/Spines) or a Cosmic Gauntlet are also common weapons chosen to fill out the grid. Note that the Excelsior CA Cap Up can stack with the Sentence skill from Abyss Spine (up to 30% each, 60% total). Xeno weapons currently provide the largest flat Ex/Unknown attack modifiers and some of these weapons are very strong/useful mainhands. Proving Grounds doesn’t come around very often, so make sure you 3-star one when its running (4-star can be uncapped at any time). Thankfully Dark Opus Weapons are still very useful at 4*, which have much more reasonable material requirements and should be accessible to most players. At 3*, Dark Opus weapons are just expensive filler (due to the skill fodder requirements) and I do not recommend using them at 3* unless you somehow have nothing else and/or require the HP and/or have the fodder to spare. There are several variants of this strategy, some can even survive through the full four turns of the Unfinished Business debuff. ID : 1040017100 : JP Name : 永遠拒絶の剣 : Minimum Rank If your Player Rank is lower than the weapon's minimum rank, its ATK and HP stats will be reduced by 20%. That said, the Qilin Sword is a very good option to have for Chrysaor Charge Attack burst setups. At slvl15, Big Progression skill provides 1.2% Dark Elemental ATK per turn, up to 15%. Boost to stats of melee weaponsDMG Cap up (based on # of melee weapons). Therefore, unless you have slow refresh times, you can increase your DPS by refreshing your Tagteam. I will try to note if a 5* Dark Opus changes a grid composition and which 5* Pendulums are commonly chosen. Regarding the Katana of Renunciation (Dark Opus) and The Claws of Terror (Astral Weapon). e.g. The suggested grids are not the be-all and end-all for your grid, they are general examples. The Bolt’s replacement is like Fire and Water, and the Dark Opus is essentially equal in damage to the Lumi Sword (Dark Opus is greater if you have Normal ATK buffs) in addition to providing more HP and a Cap Up option. Above are the unmarked stats, bullet load and skills associated with the new weapon from Xeno Corow. Weapon Skills are unaffected. An Ultima Key must first be used to unlock an effect. Its Charge Attack gives your party a 30% DA/TA and 15% echo buff. It can also be used (even if you lack shared specialties) if you need the DMG Cap option from its Ultima Key. Pooky’s Minimum: 0Nice to Have/Niche: 1Meme: 3, Big Omega Tyranny (ATK/HP Cut)Big Omega Trium (DA/TA). In addition, it also boosts your DMG Cap by 1% per equipped weapon of its type (with Cosmic Gauntlet, 6 total melee weapons equipped gives 6% DMG Cap Up). At 5-star, Dark Opus weapons are one of the strongest weapons in the game and due to having two skills boostable by summons and a Cap Up option. At 4-star it provides a 1k drain to your party for 2.5 turns, it also gives your MC stacking CA DMG/CAP Up. It is generally recommended to acquire the Dagger and Sword as parties commonly fit the race requirements of these two Bahamut Weapons. The Charge Attack of all Dark Opus weapons provides 1 Crest stack to your party (based on the element of the Dark Opus); this effect is rare for mainhands and can be useful for certain strategies. Knocking out Nier with Death’s call triggers Nier’s Unfinished Business, which inflicts foes with 50% Defense Down and inflicts all allies with 50% Defense Down, 100% DA/TA Down, and prevents them from being healed; in addition, Death’s call grants guaranteed Triple Attacks to all allies for four turns, negating the 100% DA/TA from Unfinished Business. Additional flex slots can be filled with weapons such as a fourth Abyss Spine, second Fediel’s Spine, Bahamut Weapon, or Ultima Weapon (with a Stamina Gauph Key). Tower of Babyl is a recurring limited-time event where your parties battle powerful bosses on each floor to climb the tower. Fire = … . Incorporating Elemental Attack buff(s) into this setup (via your mainhand, characters, or summon calls) will provide a large damage boost, but it can still perform decently without any.This grid is quite rigid in its weapon choices. Here is my sheet that shows all SSR character weapon proficiencies. – M1 and M2 grids (Leviathan Tier and Europa Tier, respectively) are fully farmable Omega/Magna setups. [GBF] Testing Light's ULB Dark Opus Weapon with Element Key The first weapon stage is called Atma.Atma and Ultima weapon skills can be customized with Gauph Keys after its … Cosmic Weapons have a unique skill in that they boost the stats of other weapons that share the same type by 50% once level 120. You should really read this section to have proper viewing context, but if you want, you can jump straight into it with the quicklinks I have scattered about the page, an example is below. However, upgrading these weapons to their final form requires significant investment in both resources (notably a Gold Brick) and strength/teamwork as you need to defeat Dark Rapture (Lucilius) Hard to obtain the materials necessary for the 5* uncap and pendulum. hope you’ll look into adding astral weapons to your numbers as well! Atma/Ultima Weapons are capable of bolstering your grids with extra cap up and power. Pooky’s Minimum: one that affects your full partyNice to Have: all ATK/HP variants. Boosted by a single Hades, one Axe provides 28.8% Crit Chance, and with double Hades it provides 45.6% Crit Chance. The domain uses a Commercial suffix and it's server(s) are located in US with the IP number and it is a .wiki. The 10% HP cut usually isn’t a problem once you are strong enough to utilize the extra Cap Up. Fediel’s Spine is an amazing weapon for Charge Attack based strategies; it provides Supplemental DMG (up to 600k) on CAs based on how high your HP% is. For use in grid without effecting your whole team, Hollowsky Blade can be a good choice for solos or fights where you really need your dagger/sword characters to land debuffs as the extra debuff success can make all the difference in maintaining debuff uptime. When including it in a M2 Gun grid, you’ll want to still have at least three Gaze to have some resemblance of Crit consistency (three Guns with a single Celeste is 40% Crit). Monitibibp ismerve martin szeretnénk feldobni életünket. Tagteam and damage immunity skills) and allow for additional turns to be taken without dying. Each weapon begins at 3* and comes with the base skill of Big Majesty (15% ATK/HP @ Slvl 10). Loving the upgrade to the Dark section! Ultima Sword’s first skill only applies to sword proficiency characters). Due to all these options, grids should be designed for the exact purpose you are using them for, rather than just relying on the same 10 weapons for every fight. A Note on Gacha/Whale Grids:There are too many nuances involved in all the decisions/choices that go into building Gacha Primal builds to be covered by myself (not a whale) in a general guide such as this; and therefore I will not provide endgame grids for Gacha Primal Builds. This weapon is generally not used very often any more, as the Trium skill loses its value when your characters have guaranteed multiattacks (most common source is Death’s call), but it might be useful for setups that don’t have guaranteed multiattacks. Out of the Dark Beast Weapons, I would recommend getting Qilin Bow first, then Qilin Sword. However, If you want to explore Stamina strategies you will want one, as this is the only Omega Stamina skill other than Dark Opus. Welcome to my Weapon Grid resource for Granblue Fantasy! Bab-el-Mandeb (Grand Weapon, Helel ben Shalem’s) has Big II Crit and Medium Majesty. It is a bit tricker here however, considering those weapons are not the commonly used Omega/Magna weapons; rather, the Medium ATK and Small Enmity weapons are used: Tiamat Bolt Omega and Celeste Claw Omega. Images of weapons and summons are links to their wiki page! It was a good counter to the Sammohanastra. Using more than one Zechariah does not offer a boost in damage. Thankfully Dark Opus Weapons are still very useful at 4*, which have much more reasonable material requirements and should be accessible to most players. As with all Dark Opus weapons, in addition to the Omega version, there is a Primal (Normal mod; Repudiation) version; however, they are not optimal for use in Omega grids. It is possible to achieve 1 skill Extreme+ boss kills without a Fediel’s Spine, but its Stamina and Supplemental DMG skills are very powerful for this strategy and will make it much easier to achieve such a feat. There are certain situations/setups that can properly take advantage of the Scales of Dominion; however, players need to understand when, where, why, and how to do so before trying to throw together a Highlander grid. The CA provides 15% TA and 10k Supplemental Damage to your party for 3.5 turns, which is synergizes well with its echo skill. They may be reduced to re-obtain the core needed to make them, so you can change the element/type if necessary. . Currently, their main use is as mainhands. Having this knowledge will help you make better choices when building your grids! I love the new layout! Zwei Schaedel is a good mainhand for Luchador not because it has a special MH effect or an amazing CA, but because it is a melee weapon and is slot efficient for the setup (as you will want to include it in your grid even if you don’t mainhand it). The elemental “lessen damage taken” skill has a Cap of 30%, and Draconic weapons reach this Cap @ slvl20. This is new layout is amazing bless you danchou and pooky However, the appeal of Draconic Weapons is that they offer a very strong defensive option on their 2nd skill, which can be useful for fights that dish out lots of damage, especially if you want to Full Auto and/or solo. The ATK skill of these weapons only apply to party members that have the weapon proficiency of said Atma/Ultima Weapon. This icon represents any and all weapons that you might be compelled to use as your mainhand weapon (as there are many cases where none of your ideal grid weapons are also ideal mainhands). For the first time, bestselling author James B. Stewart sifts these conflicting accounts to present a clear-eyed view of what exactly happened inside the FBI in the lead-up to the 2016 election, drawing on scores of interviews with key FBI, Department of Justice, and White House officialsand voluminous transcripts, notes, and internal reports. While fighting with Elemental Advantage, their Blessing skill increases your final damage by a set percent (20% when SSR, 23% at 4*); this modifier can increase your damage past the regular DMG Cap. Ancient Cortana is mentioned due to its Trium skill. A Stamina pendulum on a 5-star Dark Opus is very important for reducing the amount of skills required to kill the Extreme+ boss. Thank you for visiting Nina.Guide and for taking the time to read (please do read what I have written) and view my content! To be utilized optimally, this grid needs support from your strategy and setup to maintain high or full HP. I really like the changes you made to the dark section, especially the recommended number for grindable weapons and the various grids. Once 4* and at least level 120, the 2nd skill slot is unlocked and can be filled with various keys similar to the Ultima Key of Ultima Weapons; this key also adds an effect to the weapon’s Charge Attack. Zwei Schaedel has Big EX ATK (18% @ slvl15) and has a unique skill that provides 20% echo on the third hit of Triple Attacks. You can only get one, but getting at least a 4-star Claws of Terror should be a high priority and the 5-star is very nice to have. Bahamut Weapons are the default Normal ATK weapons to include in Omega/Magna grids as they provide very large base Normal ATK and HP modifiers (32% ATK and 18% HP @slvl15). However, If you want to explore Stamina strategies you will want one, as this is the only Omega Stamina skill other than Dark Opus. Why do I only consider them as 4* in my guide then? Great with the Splitting Spirit skill. Thank you for updating this guide!! Please do your research before investing in any Primal grid. True Phantom Demon Blade has a passive MH effect that boosts the MC’s stats (70% DA, 25% TA, and 20% Dodge) while they have a Mirror Image buff active. Element Changed Revenant/GW Weapons can offer a variety of effects on their Charge Attacks, most notably: dagger (for DA/TA), sword (for cut), fist (counters) and harp (just a harp for elements that don’t have a good harp option). Sunya (Grand Weapon, Rei’s) has Big Progression and Medium Enmity. The standard summon combination is an Omega/Magna or Primal (e.g. Dark Opus Weapons, when fully upgraded (5*), are currently the strongest weapons in the game. It is also a great weapon to include for Stamina based strategies as it provides 22.4% Normal Stamina (@slvl15); note that the Stamina skill is not boosted by Hades summon. fateless (the water sword) is a fantastic mh for water, even if off-meta, and outshines murgleis as a glorybringer mh especially. Hermanubis is an axe with a Charge Attack that provides 30% DA/TA to your entire party for 3.5 turns when 4-star (2.5 turns if not). Chrysaor likes to use weapons such as a Qilin Sword, Fediel’s Spine, Dark Opus, and/or Wasserspeier as the Main and AUX weapons. Therefore, the best use (i.e. Zooey’s conjunction skill is used to drop to 1HP and, due to Unfinished business, your MC, 2nd slot character, and 3rd slot character will stay at 1HP. This icon represents a flexible grid slot that can be filled with a weapon of your choice. Dagger of Bahamut Coda skills apply to Humans and Erunes); note that your MC and Primal/”Other” characters can benefit from any Bahamut Weapon. Its CA provides stacking 10% debuffs for each of Debuff Resistance Down, Attack Down, and Defense Down, capping at 30%. It was the best day of my life. Ruth Marner is a freelance writer. The Strife Gauph Key (20% DA/TA) is normally the default choice, but setups can also utilize the Strength (Stamina) or Zeal (Enmity) keys. It has a static MH effect that applies to your party: 20% Debuff Success Rate and 20% boost to Skill DMG Cap; also gives immunity to skill-sealing debuffs. This means they should not be used with the Rose Queen/Beast series weapons with similar “lessen damage taken” skills. If you find you cannot get your burst out in time before the boss dies, you can try using a Stamina grid/version instead. I would give priority to the Advocatus Diaboli (great mainhand for spear classes) if you can only get one, but I recommend 4-staring one of each. This grid should allow players to defeat farmable raids with minimal skill usage; its main use is for farming Bait Chunks (meat) in the Unite and Fight event, but it is also useful for quickly bursting other pubbed/farmable raids. Ensemble Dark Horse: There's a lot of them within the fandom that the work now has it's own page here. Bahamut Weapons are usually very strong options for Omega/Magna grids due to the large amount of Normal ATK and HP modifier they provide (they are mostly avoided in Primal grids due to how the damage formula works). ; Epileptic Trees:. The Hollowksy Axe is often included in Dark grids due to its synergy with Luchador and TA Burst setups, which often include Melee specialty characters. In the end, you should run your own tests and calculations to find out what is optimal for you. Just like at 3*, the 4* Dark Opus Weapons are equivalent to 4* Big ATK weapons. Highlander enmity dark omega grids are also in a similar situation. I will not provide completed examples of these grids in this guide, but I will offer some basic insight on them.– Highlander grids are setups that provide bonus multipliers to ATK and DMG Cap when all of your weapons have unique weapon ID’s (aka no duplicate weapons). For my grid recommendations, I have included them as a flex option as they may not be possible/optimal for every player/setup, but they are often the best option (and also very versatile due to the ability to use it in any element) when it comes to weapons that provide grid DA/TA. Supplemental Damage can be utilized as another way to exceed the regular damage cap and has the potential to be a strong addition to any grid; it synergizes very well with echos as the bonus dmg will apply separately to the base autos and each instance of echo. Medium Omega Majesty (ATK/HP)Medium Omega Sentence (CA DMG/Cap Up). Seraphic ModifierSmall Normal Majesty (ATK/HP). They are good at 4-star, but even better at 5-star (you probably wont need more than 4 5-star claws). In my grid suggestions, Dark Opus Weapons will be assumed to be at the 4* stage. The stat boost applies to the bonuses from pluses, so they get stronger if you add pluses to the boosted weapon type. This setup uses a pairing of two 5-star Celeste Omegas to net you 98.8% Crit with the four Abyss Gaze. However, players may use both Ultima and Dark Opus in their 1T setups to utilize two Cap Up options. The first flex spot is likely to be your mainhand choice, which depends on the Class that you are using. Other Elements To be updated Soon™. Whoa. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). It wasn’t a long day, but it was the best day. If you have any suggestions/input/criticisms for this guide please find a way to voice your opinion; leave a comment here or attempt to reach me on a discord server. Yes, all the guides assume weapons are max uncap/max level/max slvl unless otherwise stated. Blutgang (Grand Weapon, Black Knight’s) provides Massive Normal ATK (22% @ Slvl 15) as well as Small Normal ATK (12%) and Crit (3%). With these three components and an Enmity grid, players can maintain their HP at 1 to dish out hard hitting guaranteed Triple Attacks. It is boostable by Hades, which means it can give up to 36% Dark Elemental ATK with one Hades and 57% with two Hades. the Unite and Fight Extreme+ boss) by using 1-2 skills with this setup; however, such a feat may require certain characters and/or a very strong grid (e.g. 5-star Seox) are normally placed in the 2nd and/or 3rd spots to take advantage of the maximum Enmity bonus. The base skill boosts CA DMG/Cap Up by 9.5% (22.8% when boosted one Celeste Omega, 36.1% with two). The Scales of Dominion (aka Anubis Staff) have the potential to help you to reach the 20% grid cap for DMG Cap Up bonuses (if used with other DMG Cap Up weapons). It is a good choice for double Hades setups in longer fights where the Progression skill has a chance to ramp up. Xeno weapons were the original “highest EX ATK modifier weapons” (23% @ slvl15) but have fallen out of favour in most grids due to newer weapons being stronger. thank you! Grand Blue Fantasy GBF Account Rank 181. I can’t wait for the updates to the other elements! Fallen Sword has Massive Normal ATK (22% @ Slvl 15) and Medium Normal Stamina (9.56% at 100% HP) and Gisla has Normal Big II ATK (20% @ Slvl 15) and Medium Normal Enmity. Qilin Sword is another good Chrysaor mainhand, as its CA applies 15% Dark Def Down to your target, which will boost the rest of your team’s damage. It is a great option/substitute for a Bahamut Weapon if you can make use of the DMG Cap Up increase. Please check it out and let me know what you think! That said, sword is the most common Atma/Ultima choice due to the abundance of viable sword proficient characters and MC classes. As additional Abyss Spines only provide 7.2% CA Cap up (up to 30%) and 22.8% CA DMG (up to 100%), one Abyss Spine should be sufficient for most setups. Reminder: the weapons skills of the Hollowsky Blade only apply to sword/dagger specialty allies, so it may be a “dead” slot depending on your party. any chance youll be updating this soon, esp with the new magna weapons. BUT, if you do not have this, then the Claws of Terror become mandatory either as mainhand (if only 4-star) or in grid (if 5-star). They are still useful as grid filler, and are likely your best EX option if you do not have the Astral Weapon or weapon specialty synergy for Hollowksy Weapons. Primal grids are briefly covered but this guide does not provide in-depth recommendations for these. The counters can do a decent amount of free damage if the boss has multihit attacks. Thank you for all your hard work! Big Omega Majesty (ATK/HP)Cap Up optionOmega modifier option. Rakjad forsb dark zsilip lucihunt worker. Note for Space Whales or players looking to hyper specialize in Primal grids for one element: I highly recommend you find advice/discussion in more specialized communities. I love having all of this information in one place, as opposed to having to dig through reddit posts or discord for things, so thank you for all that you do. while also boosting HP. The Abyss Spine’s Sentence skill is great for maximizing CA DMG. Pooky’s Minimum: 0Nice to Have: Axe, BladeNiche: others, EX ATK, other boost and Supplemental DMG effect(weapon specialty restricted). Ssexy nyomom sepultu xml szobas konyha. All grids are presented under the assumption of being used with Elemental Advantage. It is also possible to defeat bosses with more HP (e.g. Thanks to my friends and everyone else for helping me refine and edit this resource! Skip to content. They also exist in the element with Zooey/Conjunction for easy activation of Enmity. Also all of the new grand progression weapons could be on there, since it saves changing your opus final skill lol, Correction on Bab-el-Mandeb’s description- the axe only has Big II Crit and Medium Majesty. Granblue Fantasy - GBF Dark Magna NM 90 OTK Setup Test #2 (NO CCW/ULB Opus) - Duration: ... [GBF] Testing Light's ULB Dark Opus Weapon with Element Key - … This weapon is core for Crit grids as its Big II Crit skill provides 12% Crit @ Slvl 15. Cavalier utilizes a Gun as mainhand for an extra passive Stamina boost. You can only get one Katana of Renunciation and 5-starring your Dark Opus is a high priority achievement for Omega/Magna Dark users. The Abyss Spine can be removed for a Zwei Schaedel or Hollowsky Axe for strategies that do not utilize Charge Attacks, such as Luchador Triple Attack bursting (e.g. The amount of Fallen Sword and/or Gisla that you choose to aim for depends on your setup and the fights you plan on using it for. Stamina) play-style from the Standard grid. <: Thanks for all your hard work. Ultima Weapons are fabled weapons associated with Ultimate Bahamut.These weapons boost ATK and HP based on a character's weapon specialty. Due to their importance in the past, players often try to build entire teams around one weapon proficiency. Its Charge Attack provides your team with stackable DEF Up (10% per stack, max 30%) and a small Refresh (600HP cap). The Seraphic Modifier is a special modifier that increases your final damage and cap against enemies that are weak to you. The following five weapons are Grand Weapons and require their 4-star Uncaps to reach their full potential; make sure to weigh the opportunity costs of your resources if you plan on investing in them. Heavy hitting characters (e.g. Hollowksy Weapons each have skills that provide some form of Supplemental DMG as well as 20% EX ATK and another effect, but the skills only apply to characters of certain weapon specialties. A 3-star Astral is comparable to 4-star Xenos. Their value decreases if you do not have full coverage; make sure to do your own calculations! The key feature of the automatic GBF 3500 door from FAAC is its automatic reset feature. Having this as your Main or AUX weapon allows you to choose a key for your Dark Opus other than the Charge Burst Cap Up pendulum (which also provides 10% Charge Bar) as the 10% Charge Bar is key for setups to get a Full Chain with minimal skill usage. It functions like Windhose, and provides 10% Charge Bar, 30% CA DMG and 10% CA Cap Up to all allies for that turn. The first skill of Atma/Ultima Weapons can be customized using a Gauph Key and only effects characters with the respective weapon proficiency of the weapon itself (e.g. Some Grand/Moon weapons can provide improvements for these grids, but those options will not be included in this guide.– No Gacha, commonly referred to as F2P, represents Primal grids without any Grand/Moon weapons and are fully farmable.– Gacha, commonly referred to as P2W, represents Primal grids that are not limited by Grand/Moon weapon acquisition. The ultimate news source for music, celebrity, entertainment, movies, and current events on the web. This may be the case if you require/desire the mainhand charge attack/ougi effect: Spear is great for sustain, Staff provides Water ATK and ATK/DEF, Axe provides a lot of TA and a Supplemental Damage buff, Bow provides Crit and Damage Cap Up, and Blade provides strong stacking debuffs. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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