Yoda and the clones took a circuitous path to the rendezvous point, hoping in this manner to avoid some of Ventress's forces. This lets guests explore without ever having to face a dead end. "[9], In 22 BBY, the galaxy was engulfed by the Clone Wars fought between the Galactic Republic and the breakaway Confederacy of Independent Systems. During the Clone Wars, Rugosa was selected as the site for negotiations between King Katuunko of Toydaria and representatives of the Galactic Republic. In previous Star Wars movies, desert, ice, jungle, and forest planets had already been presented, so the design team settled on a coral design to offer a new environment. While the droidekas almost took the Jedi Master by surprise, they were destroyed by Thire, who launched the clones' final missile at a rock formation overhanging the canyon. Star Wars Classic 63” Drapery /Curtain 4pc Set (2 Panels, 2 Tie backs) - R2D2, C3PO, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, Stormtrooper - Official Star Wars Product 4.7 out of 5 stars 391 $17.06 $ 17 . The Toydarians were native to the Hutt Space[5] planet Toydaria, which was covered in muck lakes filled with dangerous predators. Rugosa, also known as the coral moon, is a temperate moon in the Sanbra sector. System The B2-HA is quite kind, nice and loyal to OOM-85 and the Separatist New Order. [4], Katuunko and his guards were the first to reach the moon, soon being joined by Ventress, who played a hologram that allowed Dooku to speak with the King. Jedi Master Ima-Gun Di and his troops, along with freedom fighter Cham Syndulla, were running out of reinforcements and munitions to the forces of the Separatists on Ryloth. It took place in the first episode of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars computer generated animated series on Cartoon Network entitled "Ambush". Toydaria is a world of fog, swamp, and forest. Rugosa first appeared in 2008 in "Ambush", the first episode of the first season of the television show Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Leírása. Toydaria is a world of fog, swamp, and forest. [8], By this point, it was nearing sunset. When you do collect all 130 bricks, you can unlock the last ship of the game. Using Force-based hyperdrives, they traveled to many worlds around the galaxy that possessed significant signatures in the Force and united them to form the Rakatan Infinite Empire. Physical information Rugosa system[2] He was later destroyed by one of his own members when Yoda used the Force on the Super Battle Droid. Appearances Revenge of the Battle Droids (First appearance) Appearances Revenge of the Battle Droids (First appearance) Rugosa (Shoretrooper) | Star Wars Fanon | FANDOM powered by Wikia [4], While Yoda gave a motivational speech to his three troopers, 224 and its tanks advanced into the valley where the Republic forces were hiding. Rugosa Rugosa has also been included in other releases such as The Essential Atlas. Anakin takes out the younglings [7] A number of petrified coral formations were damaged during the battle that took place there during the Clone Wars. During the Clone Wars, the moon was considered neutral territory, and was chosen as the secret rendezvous point for Jedi Grand Master Yoda to meet with King Katuunko of the Toydarian people to discuss a Toydarian alliance with the Galactic Republic. Exotic fauna also arrived on the moon, and baby neebray manta lived among the coral formations as a stop along their migration through space. Fusil blaster DC-17m. The remote moon Rugosa[4] was located in the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories[1] close to the planet Toydaria, a world in Hutt Space,[3] which was the homeworld of the Toydarian species. Rugosa system[2] Caverns[4]Coral forests[4] Rugosa [6] "The Infernal One" who had dominated this world and many others fell into myth. Quiz Star Wars : Quizz Star Wars. L'univers de fiction Star Wars met en scène des dizaines de planètes et lunes réparties dans une vaste galaxie « lointaine, très lointaine ».Depuis 2012 et le rachat de Lucasfilm par Disney, l'ensemble des œuvres dérivées (romans, bandes dessinées, jeux vidéo, etc.) The meeting was disrupted by the Confederacy of Independent Systems, who hoped to gain the allegiance of the Toydarians themselves, but Katuunko chose to side with the Republic after Yoda defeated a small Separatist force on the moon. After a visit from Jar Jar Binks and Bail Organa, however, the king swore allegiance to the Republic, and allowed Toydaria to be used as a halfway point for supply delivery to clones. Outer Rim Territories[1] Welcome to STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS where you will partake in the Great Clone Wars, going from planet to planet fighting the Separatist Army and defending the Republic. After a visit from Jar Jar Binks and Bail Organa, however, the king swore allegiance to the Republic, and allowed Toydaria to be used as a halfway point for supply delivery to clones. Die beliebte und umjubelte LEGO® Star Wars™-Serie kehrt 2011 auf Konsole und PC zurück! If Yoda escaped, the King would join the Republic, but should her droids defeat Yoda, the King would ally himself with the Confederacy. Shortly after the start of the Battle of Ryloth, this clone was ordered by the Jedi Order to transport Grand Jedi Master Yoda and a small team of Clone Troopers from the Coruscant Guard to the remote Outer … [16] Under the command of OOM command battle droid 224,[17] a number of large Armored Assault Tanks advanced on Yoda's position; however, they were impeded by the moon's dense coral. Region(s) But the loop also gives us only one entrance in or out of the land. It is the first episode of the series overall. Maintenant que Disney a racheté la licence pour sortir un long-métrage par an, les éditeurs s’en donnent à cœur joie. Their clan chiefs turned the moon into a vacation spot and kept its existence hidden from their Hutt overlords. Résumé de l'épisode 1 Saison 1 de Star Wars: The Clone Wars "Les grands chefs inspirent la grandeur à ceux qui les entourent." Follow/Fav New Galaxy, New War. [6] Sometime before the Clone Wars, a large calamity boiled Rugosa's oceans away, leaving the large skeletons of the coral behind. Untitled Obi-Wan Kenobi television series, How Wookieepedia treats Canon and Legends, The Clone Wars: Stories of Light and Dark, Star Wars Encyclopedia of Starfighters and Other Vehicles, https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Rugosa?oldid=9455381. ". ... Star Wars: The Last of the Droids Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Rugosa, also known as the coral moon, is a temperate moon in the Sanbra sector. Ruusan: Star Wars Legends: Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II: 1997 Video game Barren planet housing the Valley of the Jedi. Impressed with Yoda's deeds,[8] King Katuunko allied his world with the Republic, signified by handing Yoda the ceremonial sword of Toydaria. Rugosa was a temperate moon orbiting a blue planet[7] in the Rugosa system—a star system located in the Sanbra sector of the Outer Rim Territories[2]—near the Balmorra Run. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Star Wars Clone Wars Clone Trooper Jek Ambush on Rugosa Loose at the best online prices at eBay! Jabba the Hutt may be the most renowned syndicate leader in the Star Wars universe, but he’s certainly not the only organized crime boss out there. Faced with Yoda's presence on the moon, Ventress made a proposal: she would send her best troops to capture the Jedi.
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