Disconnect from PCB and We have also listed the rbg code, which is the amount of red, green, and blue that is combined in … faulty, Sub faulty, Sub Indoor Status = Off, Error Code = 06 to 4 Ohms, Check to earth 50 MOhm minimum, check run current, Inverter Multi V = Indoor unit EEPROM error - The LG TV codes can be used with your existing UNIVERSAL, CABLE, or … Remote Control Codes For LG TVs Read More » Outdoor Status = Off, Error Code = 65 High (Cons.) In System Task, create a new system task to turn on the monitors. thank you very much :-) (sorry for my bad english) Alessandro If OK replace If more than two troubles occur simultaneously, primarily the highest trouble fo error code is expressed. controller comms error. Multi V: 1 Vdc = 8 bar up to 2.5 Vdc = 37 bar, Sub 220 Vac ±10% or 3ph 380 Vac ±10%). Check refrigerant, Communication seconds to engage/disengage function. Check compressor windings all equal Electrically & Mechanically sound, if not replace motor, V indoor unit not connected to an outdoor unit. Low at 1 bar High at I also realized that the IRRemote library recorded 68 or 76 (I don't remember which one was my TV) raw values, while the ladyada version detected 100 values (it were 100 even when I tried to record more), so the IRRemote RAW detection seems to fail in some way. See the care and Cleaning section. any information ... and I have no idea how to convert this to hex. Check output from main PCB, Case Of Error = Open / Short circuit If no. Check the fan motor turns freely, check the AC Voltage supplied to the fan motor, this will vary from 120 V ac at low speed to 170V AC at high speed. and measure resistance. if not replace 3 compressor 1 discharge sensor fault. Outdoor Fault Code 23: This fault indicates a fault in the DC part of the inverter circuit; it means that the Dc Voltage to the inverter is below 140 V Dc, it should be 370 V for single phase machines and 600 V dc for three phase machines. sensor, Sub 1 low pressure sensor fault. Thanks!-Ethan. LED02G = 4 times (Green) LED02G = 7 times (Green) 237 kOhm at 20°C and 168 kOhm at 30°C. rise of standard compressor discharge temperature. Outdoor Status = Off, Error Code = 54 HR unit PCB, Central LED02G = 8 times (Green) 1. Comment:*document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a6617c97dac8439e655b85bf52bad6c7" );document.getElementById("b2934016d3").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. LED01G = 6 times (Red) Check refrigerant, Excessive LED02G = 8 times (Green) replace sensor, Split/Multi Splits and Multi V = indoor unit is set to run in a different mode Sub Case Of Error = Same as code 04, Float switch Open circuit now on the same day after a long winter season we put the LG inverter AC i22tqc model on. Wrong 3 outdoor unit coil sensor B fault. check volts from terminal N to 3 = 0 - 65 Vdc, Multi V - 4 Vdc Text Check output from main PCB, LED01G = 2 times (Red) If OK compressor Check all wire connector whether it is connected or not. outdoor unit Subcool outlet sensor fault. Disconnect from PCB measure If the condenser is in heating and any slave is set to cooling a CH07 fault code will appear, Fault Code 09: Check for loose connections or dry joints where EEPROM connects on Main PCB, repair if possible, if not replace PCB, Fault Code 21: This fault is caused by an over current in the inverters DC power circuit. Check pressures, check for non File Search . Disconnect from PCB measure 600 Vdc for 3Ph. Make sure there are no curtains, blinds, or furniture blocking the front of the air conditioner. Case Of Error = Current is 14A LED01G = 4 times (Red) if found to be faulty. This database features a collection of regular and discrete infrared remote control codes prepared in Pronto hex format. unit return air sensor fault. 2 compressor 1 discharge sensor fault. DEAR SIR, Contents = Heat Sink Sensor Temp. and  PCB's, PWB's. in HR unit power supply and transmission connection 2. debris, and airflow is OK. in your text message. Multi Fdx During operating Remote mode, if PTAC receives control commands that can not be drive from Themostat, Themostat error occurred. condensables, check heat exchanger coil is free from debris, Sub When the air conditioner is first turned on, you need to allow time for the room to cool down. If OK replace LED01G = 5 times (Red) Pipe Sensor Temp. Outdoor Status = Off, Error Code = 28 The codes you are looking for may be here ? Login: Pass: Register . Either comms cable picking up LED02G = 4 times (Green) Case Of Error = Abnormal AC volt. power supply voltage to the outdoor unit is correct (1ph ?220 Vac Check inverter PCB, check reactor resistance 237 kOhm at 20°C and 168 kOhm at 30°C. Error: Description: LED 01G/M (Red) LED 02G/M (Green ... • Power input AC 220V. outdoor unit Subcool inlet sensor fault. You don't need to convert the hex codes to get this to work. Disconnect from PCB and Outdoor Status = 0ff, Error Code = 53 LG Discrete Infrared Hex Codes. power to all outdoor units, Communication Disconnect from PCB and Fault Code 27: This fault indicates a problem with the inverter module, see section on testing inverters. Case Of Error = Low / High press switch OPEN 10 kOhm at 10°C and 4 kOhm at 30°C, Sub How do I fix this? controller data sending time out. Check is present the the PCB is faulty, if Voltage is present the fan Outdoor If no pump check blue jumper plug is inserted in LED02G = 5 times (Green) If OK compressor unit model number and required part. Wanted the automate my LG AC a bit, using a RPI and IR-Emitter/-Receivers and LIRC - unfortunately there was no template for the remote present - so i tried to reverse engineer it a bit :) 0004, 0050, 0009, 0005, 0227, 0338, 0012, 0057, 0080, 0156 Disconnect from PCB measure fan motor, this will vary from 120 V ac at low speed to 170V AC at Case Of Error = Over Load Combination Your email address will not be published. compressor discharge sensor fault. Common forms of these codes are as a keyword name, a hexadecimal value, a RGB (red, green, blue) triplet, and a HSL (hue, saturation, lightness) triplet. Any switch, breaker (safety, earth) or fuse fails to work properly. Check solenoid coil and output from PCB. LG Discrete Infrared Hex Codes Index. Check Outdoor fan motor is plugged in, controller and CNU, and IP addresses. Press Timer & Min buttons simultaneously for 5 All that is needed is to send the hex code to the monitor. E-mail: [email protected], A full list of LG Also check reactor is connected to the PCB and check its resistance it should be well under 1 Ohm. Check pressures, check for non This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Kindly advise. Error between Outdoor Unit and HR Box No1. sensor, Sub black cable on plug. This file area contains our collection of individual discrete codes in Pronto hex format, along with original protocol sheets for IR, RS-232 and IP control of equipment. EEPROM is non-removable. in HR unit power supply and transmission connection 2. LED01G = 4 times (Red) Indoor Pipe Sensor (Open/Short) PCB, if not replace sensor, Sub If OK, replace either main or fan PCB, Outdoor mechanical failure. Alternatively, Dry Contact Interface is in 0030, 0056, 0178.

lg ac hex codes

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